Back in the saddle

Today I took part in my first running race in quite some time. The last time I donned a racing vest was in September 2009 for the Glasgow half marathon (and what a disappointment that was).

The race was a strange one; a twelve mile relay race with six members running two legs each. That’s the Hartley Cup. The venue is different each year as the hosting club changes.

Despite the quantity of races I’ve done before, I’ve never raced a mile. I found it pretty hard going! I started out too fast, stalled in the middle but finished well. I came in at 6:22 and 6:28 (it’s a mile plus 50m), which I’ll have to admit I’m disappointed with. But really I didn’t feel like I could put any more oomph in so it’s a fair result.

A great atmosphere in the stadium and tasty goodies at the end means I’ll most probably be back next year. And I’m sure I’ll go a damn sight faster!