Battling storm Angus

Headed down to Gosport today to face storm Angus over the half marathon distance to finish in 8th place with 1:14:42 (one minute behind PB but one exciting race battling the wind and making efforts to stay in groups). That completes 102 miles for the week at an average pace of 7:19/mile (faster than usual but also pulled down by the race) leading me nicely into the taper for Malaga in 2 weeks.

Just as everything is coming together¬†Matthew¬†goes and ‘nudges’ his marathon time to 2:38:36 (fantastic effort in Valencia today just 3 weeks after Frankfurt!) which leaves me with a dilemma… salvage Frankfurt’s effort to go conservatively for 2:39 or give it another whack for 2:38?! Always optimistically assuming good weather!

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