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Frankfurt marathon 2016

Here we go again! Frankfurt marathon for the second year in a row. Conditions are excellent and I feel pretty good. With recent half marathons of 73/74 mins and a good chunk of mileage in the bank can Matt, Axel and I poke in under 2:38? Maybe today is my day, as Frankfurt keeps telling me.

Platinum: 2:37:59
Gold: 2:39:11
Silver: 2:39:59
Bronze: 2:42:07 (PB)
Detonation salvage operation: 2:44:59
Oh god please let this be over and let’s never speak of it again: 2:59

Edit post race: Bronze it is then! 2:40:50 with a minor detonation in the last 7k costing me 2 minutes… new experience – crushing calf pain! Now off to the pub.