St Ives 10k and County Championship

The St Ives 10k took place this morning and C&C had quite list of results including both mens and womens teams coming first. The course is fast I would say with only a few ups and downs. However we did run into a vicious wind on the very exposed airfield in kms 3 – 5. Compound that with the heat and I think everyone found it very tough indeed. I finished in 2nd place with a (only slightly) disappointing 35:30, but result-wise it’s the best 10k I’ve run – coming in 2nd overall after battling the runner who finished 3rd for most of the race. Somehow I also came away with 1st place in the County Championships… probably due to my ability to run a good time combined with my form filling ability. But don’t worry, I will make sure to refer to myself as the county champion at every opportunity!

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