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Frankfurt Marathon 2015

So I almost made it, finished the Frankfurt marathon in 2:45:01 to be one second outside London Championship time. The first half was 1:22:27 and the second 1:22:34. That looks pretty even but it hides a slight pacing mistake which can be seen in the 10k splits: 39:35, 38:37, 38:40 and 39:34. So a slow-ish first 10k, all good according to plan, then too quick in the second 10k which set the pace for the third and finally in the fourth I started to fade. Swapping the 2nd and 4th 10ks would have made for the same time and most likely left me fresher to push down under 2:45:00. We’re only talking seconds though, the fade near the end shows I was pretty near my limit. I’m going to take a few days before I decide what I do next, it’s been quite an intense 12 months of marathon racing!