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Liverpool marathon 2015

So in just 9 weeks I’ve gone from 3:02 to 2:59 to 2:53 in the marathon, from 1:24 to 1:21 in the half marathon, from 39:28 to 36:04 in the 10k and from 19:07 to 18:47 to 17:32 in the 5k. I think my legs have deserved a few days rest, maybe even a week!

As for the Liverpool marathon itself, I’ll give that a pass in the future! Despite the shiny new PB the course was very wriggly with too few marshals around –Axel and I had to call out to spectators to ask directions near some corners! My left hamstring also gave out on me with about 1500m to go – probably too much racing recently with too little taper. Anyway, it was quite an experience running to that sort of time and will help a lot for the coming marathons. Looking forward to recovering so I can push on for Reykjavik in August – anyone interested in coming along?!