Bosworth half marathon 2015

Another half marathon, another substantial chunk off my PB. I wasn’t expecting much off, let alone 3 minutes! This morning it fell from the recently lofty heights of 1:24:01 to 1:21:02 on the undulating course that is the Bosworth Half. Not only a fairly hefty PB slash but coming at the end of a 100 mile week… I wouldn’t have thought it possible even a few weeks ago.

The first 10 – 12k felt suitably atrocious as it should after the week I’ve had. Luckily I had¬†Christof Schwiening¬†leading the charge, with his stubborn relentless pace and encouragement. At times I was lagging behind him, unsure my legs would hold despite the effort feeling ok. Eventually, around 13k my legs started to relax, without the pace relaxing with them. Things were looking up. As were we as two considerable sized lumps in the rolling course approached. We eased into the first hill keeping the effort measured and consistent. At the first plateau I started to push on, leaving Christof behind (I’m sorry – I’m sure I’ll be on the wrong end of that move soon enough) as I gradually accelerated over the top and onto the next hill. The final 3k were straight and downhill, which resulted in the fastest section of the race, and the main reason for the one minute negative split I ended with. Christof finished within the same minute on the clock and took the best part of 30 mins off his PB (which was as nearly as old as I am…). Will I ever see PB slashes this dramatic again? Most likely not – so I’ll try to enjoy it in the meantime!