Merry everyone

Merry ChristmasSo it’s Christmas, and all the families across the land are huddled inside in the warmth. Some have been up since the Sun snuck over the horizon, others have had a more leisurely morning. I had a leisurely morning. So leisurely, that my brother had already opened his gifts by the time I surfaced. A family of five, with an average age of thirty-eight, I think we can be forgiven our repose on the most festive of festive days.

Later in the day, things were a little different with a one year old girl in the mix. My niece brought a little bit of the old Christmas back as we gathered around to take photos of her opening her presents. She had a lot of fun, but it could have been any other day to her. It won’t be long until she will barely be able to sleep on each December 24th.

I can vividly remember that. Trying to sleep, as hard as you can – it never worked. I’d always think of the Christmas tree, looking at the decorations, walking around it, concentrating on it; hoping that in my attention I’d drift off and be transported to Christmas morning.

And on that nostalgic note,

Merry Christmas everyone.

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