Brownies and pancakes

Chocolate and butter mixSo I had a go at baking recently. Being a master of such exotic dishes as baked potatoes, bolognese and cheesy beans, baking was always going to be simple…

For my first Sunday baking session I attempted brownies using a recipe I found here. Once I got to the stage of putting the mixture in the oven I highly doubted that I’d succeeded, it just seemed too gooey. But surprisingly, they worked out! They were incredibly rich, but hey, that’s brownies for you. I was a bit shocked at the amount of sugar, butter and chocolate that went into them but I will definitely be making them again.

My first batch of brownies

The next week it was pancakes! I know, pancakes are easy. But this is me we’re talking about. After a few mishaps, they turned out mostly okay but a bit salty and misshapen. So what next? Muffins maybe?

Misfit pancakes

2 thoughts on “Brownies and pancakes

  1. Kevin, I’m Russian and know how pancakes should look like! They are thinner and bigger… and rounder, maybe. Let me know if you need a poper recepe 🙂 I’ve had fun reading through some of your posts — interesting spacetime. All the best, Katia

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