Red haze

Just came across this whilst looking through some old photos. It’s an image from my undergraduate project. It was made using a Spatial Light Modulator – a device which is essentially a programmable hologram. By using a computer I could make laser light reflecting from it form whatever shapes I wanted.

As you can see I was incredibly creative and made some triangles and ellipses…

Something new

So… I’ve just signed up for the UK half ironman! Probably about the same amount of training time involved as the marathon so nothing new there. However the swim… eeeek!

Never had to swim that sort of distance before.I’ve been meaning for months and months to run more. I ran the half in Glasgow but my heart wasn’t in it. This half ironman should really give me incentive – it’s not something I can bumble my way through without preparing properly!

So… I’ve got until June to get in shape, which seems like an age away but… better get my backside out tomorrow morning and get some miles in!