Norfolk & Chance

Through various parties pulling out, the team that eventually took part was “Norfolk & Chance”, consisting of Anne, David and myself.

Another great weekend this year (with weather to match). Norfolk & Chance made their way around the entire course in 11 hours. We covered most of Edinburgh and some of the Pentlands with kayaking, running, abseiling, swimming and cycling, with the last making up the majority of the day. Looking forward to next year already!

My unwilling new hairdo

During the Edinburgh Rat Race this year we arrived at a checkpoint in the “Nut House Barbers”. One of the team was required to have their head partially shaved in order to pass. Anne – no, david – no. It was always going to be me…

That night I shaved all my hair off. I was sporting a very aerodynamic look as we set off on the main part of the race on Sunday.