Marathon Musings

Rather than musings of a lengthy nature, the title actually refers to musings about Marathons. It may seem that I only bother my good self to update this electronic journal when an event involving running occurs…. and, well… it seems that I do. Other things do cross my mind you know. I happen to also eat, work and sleep, sometimes in different orders too!

I have been planning to complete my first Marathon sometime next year. It seems like a right of passage as a runner to cover The Distance. I travelled to Edinburgh yesterday (that whole different world sixty miles away) to see some friends complete the Edinburgh Marathon. I was bursting with pride as I watched them run the last 100 metres, as they crossed the line. Having only witnessed a fraction of a single percent of their effort I can’t imagine the feeling they have crossing that line. Mark’s tears said it all. An effort that is so enormous, so lengthy, so hard, that it makes you weep. Why does this appeal to me so much? Why am I so inspired by their efforts to follow those many thousands of steps?

I am, next spring, going to go The Distance.