Bury steel, eat squirrels

Did you know that, (isn’t it great when people start sentences like that) in the US alone, we human beings take one hundred tonnes of perfectly good steel then bury it. We take all the effort to extract iron from iron-ore then we bury one-hundred tonnes of it underground. You know why? So that we can honour the dead. That’s right, it’s all buried as coffin decoration in one way or another. I know there’s nothing wrong with that but can you see the irony? There is also 1.5 million tonnes of concrete buried with that steel…

So, on to my second point. Eat squirells. Why? Let me tell you. Given our wonderfully efficient transporation systems these days we are able to introduce creatures into fragile ecosystems. Sometimes this is very undesireable. One solution that is implemented is the introduction of that creatures natural predator into said ecosystem. There is a problem here – how does the ecosystem react to that new creature? Here is a better solution: let the world’s most succesful predator deal with the intruder.

“We’ve a talent for eating species to extinction, so why not put it to good use for a change” Joe Roman.

Let’s put the little buggers on the menu.

Both of these thoughts would not be possible had I not read this week’s New Scientist.