Apr 29 2016

London Marathon 2016

Probably my favourite photograph from yesterday is the one with Big Ben in the background. The agony, the exhaustion… why won’t Matthew just let me pass him… But before then was the rest of the race! I had left the house at 6am to catch a train to the start. I was a little apprehensive, …

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Apr 23 2016

The road to London 2016

The London Marathon is tomorrow, and not only does it mark my first London marathon, it marks the culmination of 2 years of planning and effort. Whatever happens tomorrow I’ve come a long way (literally – 6301 miles to be exact) since May 2014 to get here… and then some. This is going to be …

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Aug 16 2011

The canon of light

  If it’s daylight look around you, at everything illuminated by the sun. If it’s during the night look out at the starlight, filtering down from so far away. If you’re indoors look at the light bulbs and monitor screens as they pour light out into the room. Now for a moment think about light, …

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Mar 14 2011

3000 miles and counting

  Between October 2005 and April 2009 I ran 3119 miles. This is an average of about 17 miles each week, with a maximum of 54.6 and a minimum of zero. I know this because I am not just a geek but a thorough geek. Every time I ran I would record the distance and …

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Oct 31 2010

Back in the saddle

Today I took part in my first running race in quite some time. The last time I donned a racing vest was in September 2009 for the Glasgow half marathon (and what a disappointment that was). The race was a strange one; a twelve mile relay race with six members running two legs each. That’s …

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Aug 30 2010

Nepal, here I come

So I’m off to Nepal in a few days. The excitement has been building ever since I got my tickets. I’ve never been to that corner of the world before. Having read a fair bit about Nepal now, I know it’s going to be like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Sure going to France or …

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Jul 07 2010

The most surprising number

The most surprising number I’ve seen in mathematics is deeply connected with the notions of randomness and dimensionality. The first two numbers in the series that lead to this number are: 1, 1. So far so easy, one is a pretty straightforward number. To begin, I’ll reveal where these two ones come from. Imagine a …

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Jun 22 2010

UK ironman 70.3, Wimbleball

1.9km swim complete!

I woke up before my Alarm sounded, about 4:50am. Despite the very warm day ahead, it was quite cold in the early morning. I managed to get myself a cup of tea and a granola bar for my breakfast. Doesn’t seem like much but I knew my stomach would be unhappy during the swim if …

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Apr 24 2010

Knotted nature

The final publication of my PhD was accepted into Nature Physics and was also selected as the front cover article. My contribution to this publication was in setting up and running the experiment alongside optimising the experiment parameters and processing the data. In a nutshell, the result of the paper is the first demonstration of …

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Nov 03 2009

Red haze

Just came across this whilst looking through some old photos. It’s an image from my undergraduate project. It was made using a Spatial Light Modulator – a device which is essentially a programmable hologram. By using a computer I could make laser light reflecting from it form whatever shapes I wanted. As you can see …

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